Vape Headquarters

What is Vapor

  • The first electronic cigarette or e-cig was developed overseas by a 52-year old pharmacist, inventor and smoker. E-cigs were introduced to the United States around 2006-2007. Electronic Vapor cigarettes offer an alternative to smoking. They still provide the nicotine that is craved but without the thousands of chemicals and without the 69 known carcinogens that are found in normal cigarettes. Smokers usually start with a nicotine content similar to what they are currently smoking and then step-down to lower nicotine strength until they reach 0mg.
  • There is no tar. No carbon monoxide or second-hand smoke. There is no “smoke”, only vapor. No ash trays and they are non-flammable. Plus, you will save money!
  • We offer a variety of vapor products that include: vaporizers and accessories that can be purchased in kits or sold separately. Vaporizers have a tank or cartomizer that attaches to a battery (that is charged with a USB adapter). Then the tank is filled with e-liquid. You have the option to customize your e-liquid by nicotine strength and by flavor. We are currently stocking over 120 flavors. We also have a full tasting bar so that you can “try before you buy”.
  • Electronic cigarettes have not undergone FDA studies. Pro Source Vapes will not be held responsible for any health issues and/or concerns due to use and/or misuse or mishandling of products.